Welcome to Kindergarten Music with Mrs. G! In Kindergarten, we start learning the basics of music and how to make sound. Below are the standards set by the state of Indiana that we work on all year! 

Musical Notes.png

*Match and echo a limited number of pitches

*Sing a short song accurately from memory and with a steady beat

*Echo a short rhythm pattern played by the teacher

*Maintain a steady beat

*Read and perform a short pattern of quarter notes and eighth notes by clapping or vocalizing using symbols

*Create simple rhythms on an instrument or by using body sounds

*Respond to teacher-played phrases by playing back a similar phrase

*Invent a short melodic or rhythmic pattern with the instructor’s guidance

*Help arrange a piece using many kinds of sounds, including instruments, body sounds, sounds from everyday objects, or electronic sounds

*Identify a voice as a speaking voice or singing voice

*Identify loud and soft

*Identify fast and slow

*Use hand motions to indicate a musical element or concept

*Use terms such as plain or fancy, same and different, bright or dark

*Talk about how music class is similar to or different from other classroom activities

*Name sources of music that can be heard in daily situations

*Name and imitate an appropriate behavior (such as sitting quietly) at a concert