1st Grade

Welcome to 1st Grade Music with Mrs. G! In 1st grade, we build upon the basics of music and begin to focus on our singing voices even more. Below are the standards we will follow throughout the year!

Music By Moonlight.png

*Match a given pitch or a simple pitch pattern

*Sin on pitch while maintaining a steady beat

*Sing high and low pitches

*Sing loudly and softly with correct posture

*Sing a short memorized song in a foreign language

*Echo a given pitch or rhythmic pattern

*Play a simple ostinato

*Keep a steady beat on a percussion instrument

*Play an instrument with a group

*Read, notate, and perform quarter and eighth notes in groupings of two or four beats

*Read and use movement to demonstrate the effect of a quarter rest

*ID staff and bar lines

*Read given pitch patterns using solfege syllables or numbers

*Respond on an instrument or singing to teacher giving “questions”

*Invent or perform a short ostinato on an instrument or vocally

*Compose a melodic or rhythmic pattern using traditional or non-traditional sounds

*Depict changes (F/S, L/S) through movement, verbal description, or symbols

*ID sound of H/L using hand motions

*Use musical terms for loud and soft (forte and piano)

*ID the sound of an orchestra as opposed to that of a choir or brass ensemble

*Use movement to show the meaning of the terms crescendo and descrescendo 

*Name terms or ideas that are used the same way in music, art, dance, or theatre

*Name ideas that are used differently in music, art, dance or theatre

*ID a folk song or instrument from America and one from another country

*Compare and contrast folk dances from two countries of the world

*Listen to two compositions. Discuss what is heard in each using musical descriptions