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Welcome to Thomas Miller Elementary School, Home of the Mustangs! Thomas Miller Elementary is part of the Lafayette School Corporation. Our school serves around 400-plus students each year from primarily downtown Lafayette and surrounding neighborhoods. We currently serve students in grades K-4. We have the most dedicated teaching staff who work above and beyond to ensure your child has a great experience at Miller. 

When you enter Miller Elementary School, you will feel and see the many values our school is known for. We place a high value on providing great rigor in our educational standards in the way that best fits your child’s learning style. 

Teaching standards will be seen in a variety of methods, including: traditional classroom work with a balance of technology, group discussions and hands-on activities for a multi-sensory approach. We are very fortunate to be a 1:1 school with every student having an iPad. Walking down the halls, you will also see students working on STEM activities in our Makers Space Lab, singing in our music room, creating masterful creative projects in art, getting fit in the gym and working in small groups with our Title 1 staff. 

The staff at Miller Elementary School values making students and parents feel welcome. Please let us know any important information that can help your child be successful at Miller. We want every student to have the best experience while attending Miller. Our front office is more than willing to take the time to work on any issue that may be unique to your family. 

The staff at Miller also highly values family and student relationships. We encourage your family to be active in one of our many family activities, such as our monthly Family Dinners sponsored by ECC. These dinners allow our Miller staff to provide you with an educational topic while having a delicious family dinner! We will also have many other scheduled activities for our students to join in. Please watch for important updates on our Miller Facebook page and website! We will also provide you with a monthly newsletter.

We love to celebrate our students’ success in many ways! Students have the chance to earn brag tags and the Marvelous Miller Award! These awards are given to students who make advances in academics or behaviors. Every student has the potential to earn these awards.