Mr. Pendleton's Classroom

Guess what? Today is the last day of school! So please, please... 
#1) do the e-learning survey! It helps decide what to use next year, and it is worth bonus points in your writing grade. Only 8 students have helped out so far.
#2) Mr. Louk will add 2 more assessments to Edulastics today. I will let you know when they are up. They should be pretty easy, if you DO the math and S.I practices for this week.
#3) In case you have not heard yet, next Tuesday the 19th, will be the day you bring in your iPads, "bricks", and cords. I will be there in the afternoon to help hand back everything that was in your desks & collect iPads. I hope to see everyone there!

Remember, it is always your choice to succeed or fail. Success doesn't mean getting an 'A', it means doing your best. Also, as I wrote earlier, you are not just doing 3rd grade homework, you are doing practice for when you get in to 4th grade! Be ready for it! As a teacher of mine once said, "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail!"
Looks like these next few days will  provide plenty of opportunities to READ a book from Epic or Overdrive. A,R scores are going to hurt a lot of reading grades....
I hope everyone continues to be “Safe, Responsible, and Respectful!