What is Title 1

Title I provides federal funding for schools to help students who are behind academically, or are at risk of falling behind. Funding is based on the number of low income children in a school. Some schools operate as a Schoolwide Title I school while others operate as a Targeted Assistance school. Miller provides an extensive intervention program to prevent reading failure and operates as a Schoolwide Title I school. Miller Elementary has participated in extensive research on improving America’s schools through participation in Reading First.

Instructional programs and strategies are based on current research

In compliance with Title I, and in order to meet the needs of all students, Miller has implemented a research based literacy model for all struggling readers based on the foundation research of the National Reading Panel and the instructional recommendations of the University of Oregon. The program provides a range of reading experiences within a core reading program and in highly effective intervention programs. All instruction is focused on providing systematic and explicit instruction in:

Phonemic Awareness
Reading Fluency
Text Comprehension

Research based Mathematics instruction at Miller includes:

Reasoning and Problem Solving
Use of Manipulatives
Mental Math
Computational Standards
Application to and integration with other subjects

What can parents do to help?

·Understand your child’s performance in language arts and mathematics.

·Communicate with your child’s teachers to find out how you and the school can work together to improve your child’s achievement.

·Attend conferences

·Support Learning– make sure your child’s homework is completed.

·Become involved in parent activities at the school.