February is 3rd Grade Appreciation Month!
Posted on 02/29/2016
3rd Grade TeamLet's celebrate all the hard work our 3rd Grade Teachers do with our students!! We love our 3rd grade team, who work so hard each and every day to make our students successful! Thank you 3rd grade team!

Mr. Pendleton is featured on the left, Mrs. Sommers is middle left, Mrs. Philyaw is middle right, and Mrs. Banning is far right.

We asked each teacher why they love teaching 3rd grade! Here are their answers:

Mrs. Sommers says, "The best part of being a teacher is teaching third graders at Miller School. I absolutely love seeing the excitement on their faces when they experience success in learning new skills."

Mrs. Philyaw says, "I love teaching third grade because they grow so much throughout the year. They are still so sweet and are excited to learn new things, and this allows them to blossom and grow. Third graders at Miller are awesome!"

Mrs. Banning says, "Top 5 reasons why I like teaching 3rd grade: #5- Students can read longer stories, write longer essays, and learn harder math skills. #4- It is challenging enough to keep everyone, including myself on their toes. #3- We get to work on the iPads using fun apps and websites. #2- The other teachers and assistants at my grade level are awesome and help make coming to school enjoyable! And the #1 reason why I like teaching 3rd grade is because the students are fabulous!

We love you 3rd grade teachers! We think YOU are fabulous!