January is 2nd Grade Appreciation Month!
Posted on 01/11/2016
2nd Grade TeamJanuary is 2nd Grade Appreciation Month! Let's meet our 2nd Grade Team!!

Mrs. Bowers, on the far left says, "
I love teaching second grade because they are so eager to learn and want to be at school each day.  I enjoy watching them grow and seeing the excitement on their faces when they have learned something new."

Ms. Carr is next! She says, "
I love teaching because it gives me an opportunity to have a positive impact in my students’ lives. Also, each student has a unique story. I love getting to know each child and seeing the transformation and growth that takes place over the course of the school year."

Mrs. Sietsma is the middle right and says, "I love teaching 2nd grade because my students are amazing! I especially love to see how each of them grow academically and socially throughout the year. I am so thankful I have the opportunity to teach Miller 2nd graders
 and also that I get to learn from them!"

Mr. Olney is on the far right and says, "I like teaching second grade because I get to teach skills that the children will use for the rest of their lives.  Seeing the look on a student's face after they have learned a difficult skill is an amazing feeling."

THANK YOU 2nd Grade Team! We appreciate everything you do for our students every day!